Kreme za vašu kožu u Medical Centru Budva

Natural lotions for your skin

Recipes by dr. Vanje Banicevic


Dr Vanja Banićević

Specialist dermatovenerologist

Dr. Vanja Banicevic is currently the only specialist dermatovenerolog in our country and also one of the few in the region, who have mastered the medical procedures of MEZOTERAPY and LIPOLISE. She passed the exams in these areas with the famous Dr. Jacques Le Cos in Paris, a renowned world's expert,who is considered for one of the pioneers and founders of MESOTERAPY and LIPOLISE.


Prevention and treatment of adult diseases, such as: heart and cardiovascular system diseases, lung diseases, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease, digestive tract diseases...


General medicine doctor knows you the best. He monitors your condition, takes care of your regular reviews and works on your awareness of prevention.


Pediatrics is the field of medicine that deals with the treatment of children from their birth to adulthood.


Medical Center Budva provides health care services to sick, semi-immobile and immobile elderly people in their homes.